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About us

Welcome to Seaweednews - information about all things Australian seaweed : ancient knowledge, the latest science, current endeavours, and future potential. is an initiative from the creative team at Coretext, a Melbourne-based communications and client publishing company. 

Our journalists and science writers, designers, and project managers specialise in creating content that shares research and innovation ideas with industry stakeholders and the broader community. We have a particular focus on primary industries – agriculture and fisheries.  


Over the past decade, we’ve been developing our knowledge and publishing seaweed-related information for our clients. We’ve worked with Australia’s leading scientists in this field, as well as industry participants large and small and community members to share news about the latest development and activities.  


In doing so, we’ve developed an appreciation for what macroalgae have to offer – and how much more there is still to discover. We want to share the love. 

Please get in touch if you have any tips for seaweed-related stories to share, or you’d like to work with us.

Macrocystis pyrifera, Tasmania
Catherine Norwood MG_4630a.jpg

Catherine Norwood

Catherine Norwood is a journalist, photographer and editor. She has a background in regional journalism and has written extensively about research and development for more than a decade, particularly in the fisheries sector. That’s helped her to embrace seafood in her diet, including seaweed, although she’s still not a fan of

Fiona James

Fiona James
design lead

Fiona James, Art Director at Coretext has developed a keen interest in all things seaweed. During her time designing for FRDC Fish Magazine, she enjoyed growing her knowledge of macroalgae. She is a fan of underwater photography in particular ancient kelp forrests.

Coretext gratefully thanks Joanna Smart for the use of her beautiful photography featured on this website. See more here 

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