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Registrations open for International Seaweed Symposium 2023

Leading seaweed researchers and industry players from around the world will take part in the 24th International Seaweed Symposium (ISS) in February 2023.

Registrations for the symposium from February 19-24 in Hobart, Australia, and online, have now opened. Submissions for oral and poster presentations will officially close on July 31.

The symposium is held every three years and is the major event organised by the International Seaweed Association(ISA). The ISA has encouraged research and the development of seaweed and seaweed products for more than 70 years.

The ISS 2023 program is yet to be finalised, but presentations will be grouped under five themes.

Theme 1: Applied and Industry This includes farming, harvesting and downstream processing, uses in feeds and biofilter systems, along with phycolloids and bioactives used in cosmetics, feeds and functional foods.

Theme 2: Ecology

This will consider indigenous knowledge, macroalgal blooms, introduced species, restorative ecology, pathogens and diseases, chemical ecology and seaweed fertilisation and dispersal.

Theme 3: Ocean change and climate mitigation

Topics include blue carbon and carbon sequestration, seaweed responses to climate change impacts such as ocean acidification and temperature, as well as responses to local environmental conditions such as pollution and eutrophication.

Theme 4: Physiology and ‘Omics’

This looks at how seaweeds grow, making use of light and nutrients, their salinity and temperature tolerances, carbon uptake mechanisms reproduction, and the molecular mechanism underpinning responses to environmental stresses.

Theme 5: Taxonomy, diversity and evolution

Presentations will examine the geographic spread and evolutionary development of different species and the need for seed banks to protect seaweed diversity.

ISS 2023 will be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, as well as online. It is the first time the event has been held in Australia.

Early bird registration will close on November 4, 2022. Online access to presentations will be available for up to three months after the event. A range of workshops and tours will be available for those attending in person.

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